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  3. i wish i had space for more pokemon

    close up of my favourite part

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  8. Bikinis weren’t just a functionally attractive item you could slap on and go to the beach in, you had to be bikini ready for them. Essentially, this meant you had to look like a swimsuit model, all flat stomach and no body hair, but do you know how hard that is for an average thin-curvy-sometimes-chubbyish person like me? Do you know how many women and people in general fluctuate on the body spectrum and consistently look far from “perfect?” Do you know how hard it is to feel good about yourself when so many people tell you how far you are from that perfection? Do you know how hard it is for a normal human being, such as myself, to look fine in a bathing suit? I’m not talking like “whoa, she fine,” I’m talking “completely passable in a retro tankini.” I’ll tell you: it’s hard. I have cellulite. I have that little bit of fat that bulges out between my breasts and my armpits. There are things on my body that you can’t just photoshop out. It’s not even like I am sitting on the couch like a giant slug, refusing to move until somebody pours salt on me (although momma told me there would be days like this). I MOVE. I RUN. I am a living, breathing person who puts vegetables into herself, and guess what? She likes going to the beach. So what does she wear? A bathing suit. Fuck it. I might look and my best in dark lips, a day old top knot, and a sexy gigantic t-shirt, but I gotta feed my calling to the sea.

    And not because I’ve been called a manatee, once, in middle school.

    The real question I should have asked is..don’t you ever just want to go to the beach? Cuz I know I do.

    Working on my 2nd book and getting totally real in the dieting chapter. This first draft is really coming together, guys! (via thefrenemy)

    i used to call that fatty overflow between breast and armpit “muffin top” until I learned about the waist muffin top … so what is that called? Cuz lord knows I’ve got a lot of it! 

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    (via dermacaringmania)

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